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Antonio Yáñez

3D Character Animator

A bit of History

My name is Antonio Yáñez, I am a CG Artist specializing in CG character animation.

I knew from childhood that I would eventually work with games and computing. My passion remains the same to this day.

I started in 1996 with a free copy of TrueSpace from 3D World magazine. A few years later I started studying at CEV. I took some graphic design courses, but in the back of my mind I always wanted to work in 3D. Eventually I decided to study CG modeling and animation at PSL, which was a revealing experience for me.

  • 3D Character animation 90%
  • Rigging 60%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

“Progress is equal to the effort you put into something”

I worked as a graphic designer and animator for various companies over the years. Currently I am freelancing for clients all around the world. It’s been a great, enriching experience.

I firmly believe in the philosophy that “progress is equal to the effort you put into something”. I love to take on challenging projects, refresh my skills, take new courses, learn from seminars, and teach myself new techniques.

Why hire me?


 I have a proven track record. Ask my past clients if they were not 100% satisfied with me.


I can adapt my schedule to any time zone. I have worked with clients from Asia, Europe and America.


I can share live progress on your project for 2 hours every day, allowing you to make comments, offer feedback, and request changes.


Hiring me makes the world a better place. 5% of my budget goes to non-government organizations and non-profits to benefit people and the environment.

Ask me for a budget!

Start your next project with amazing animations!


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